Hey everyone my name is William Willis, I am the creator and host of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast where I interview local bands/artist in the Louisville/Cinci/Tennesee/southern Indiana area!

To be honest I use to be one of those people who would say, “The local music scene sucks!” or I would say, “There aren’t any good local bands.” Now I have a background in audio engineering and music production so for me to say stuff like that is a self inflicting kick to the nuts! The real reason I use to think that “the scene is dead” is because I was too ignorant to venture outside of my house and attend a local show. Sad right?

How ever once I saw a bigger local act like Artifex Pereo play I was floored! I couldn’t believe how good they were and how good the opening bands were! I felt so guilty for not knowing about these local bands that I decided to Start up a podcast/blog where I interview local artist to help promote the local music scene!

The goal of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast is to help show case local bands/artist and help them connect with more fans. When you listen to my podcast you are hearing a group of guys being transparent and truly being themselves. There is no before hand preparation and there are no rehearsed answers! This is as real and intimate as it gets!

I firmly believe the music scene in Kentucky is one of the best and it has music for everyone to enjoy!