What’s going on everyone! Me and Jordan both have birthdays this week so come crack open some cold ones with us! PS I’m addicted to those memes, sorry in advance.

Anyways me and Jordan decided to take the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast on the road and head down south to Bowling Green Ky to interview the fine gentlemen in AluxesWhich I will say they have the coolest band practice space ever! Also this was a pretty lengthy episode so I decided to split this one into TWO parts.

Aluxes is a 5 piece post hardcore, indie, experimental, rock, jazz infused solar beam hadouken blast wave sound before sound was a sound band! Ok that last one is not a genre of music but collectively they all agree that they take a lot of inspiration/influence from multiple genres of music. Which makes them vastly unique! The band line up is as followed, Kohl Arnett (Vocals/Keys), Jack Dickerson (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Rickard (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Lutz (Drums), and Mark Taylor (Bass/Vocals).

If you still have no idea what they sound like then check out their music video for their song Marble Hornets! <click

Make sure to follow them on all forms of social media!



Twitter @WeAreAluxes

Part 1: We asked all of the fan submitted questions! Thank you very much to everyone who submitted a question! Topics include, how to pronounce Aluxes, where the name comes from, musical influences, how the band members met, which venues they would like to play, the sound that Jack makes and the awful story of how I grew up too fast.

Part 2: We talked about what other genres they could play, the recording process of their songs, stories about past shows/fans, which bands/artist dead or alive they would play with, and the story of Jack getting hit by a train (true story!)


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