Happy Friday everyone! Once again stay inside and binge listen to podcasts all day! Here is a brand new episode with our good friend Sean Smith! Sean is a fellow podcaster with an wicked amazing radio personality. Sean has been kicking ass and taking names over at Sean Vs Wild! 31 episodes into the podcast with no plans of stopping, he’s talking with local musician/bands, touring musicians, people who work in the music industry, and even cosplayers! He was also nice enough to hook us up with some shirts, seriously they are super duper comfy!

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We invited Sean over to discuss why he started his own podcast, his upbringing with music, tour life with Uh Huh Baby Yeah, discuss some of our favorite movies and much much more! We honestly could of talked forever but for the sake of getting some sleep we had to call it quits. This will be a two part episode so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion of Sean Smith VS Willis&Jordan.



Make sure to follow Sean and his podcast on all social media outlets/podcast apps!

Sean VS Wild
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Instagram – @SeanVsWildPodcast

Twitter – @SeanVsWild
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