Happy Friday everyone!!! Let me tell you, its going to be a busy month from here on out. I got more logo coffee mugs coming in for sale, have a new band hopping on the podcast, AND have one band returning for round two! So a lot of good stuff to coming your way! Oh and if you don’t know there is a Facebook group called WRWpodcast’s Swiggity Swooty Club, this is a place where you can interact with guests on the podcast, get the early scoop on upcoming podcast episodes, and this is where I will be taking questions/topics for future episodes! If you want to be apart of Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast then join in and hang!

Alright so now what you all have been waiting for! This is the 11th episode of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast! This will be another two part podcast episode and this will be a NSFW episode, I repeat, NSFW! In this episode we interviewed my good friends Jordan Duffy and Jordan Keiffer from Double DC Podcast! Which I have been featured on. Its hilarious, entertaining and unfiltered, so I highly recommend you check out their podcast if you want a good laugh!

CLICK HERE to listen to their podcast

I met these two back when they played in my buddies ska/punk band, Godless Gods (RIP) and they are a dynamic duo, especially after a few beers! We got a chance to catch up, talk about their future playing music, practicing our New England accents, nostalgic cartoon shows, terrible Craiglist adds, Chinese ice cream, Kieffer explaining “hot wifing”, and much more! Check out part 1 below:

Part 2 below: More shenanigans, opera singing, and a game of FMK!