Manic Methed

Hey whats up everyone! Did you miss me? Yes, no, maybe, probably didn’t even notice I was on a hiatus? Any how I have been super quiet when it comes to the Whatcha Recording Willis podcast and it is by choice. If you don’t know I am the vocalists of Isolator and we have been busy as fuck! I have let band related things consume my time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are in a active band you know how I feel lol.

So I haven’t uploaded an interview in a couple of months and I made a special exception for these guys because I have been a fan of them for a while! Do your best not to cringe while listening to this episode, I am beyond rusty, I am sure I have entered incorrect information to the host site of my podcast, hell I even messed up the intro to this episode! However it is okay because Austin states, “Everybody messes up our band name.” What band might that be?!? MANIC METHED!

Manic Methed is a 3 piece rock band that resonates with nostalgia. I feel like each song from their newest album, “Menace” is a dosage of early/mid 2000s rock era. For fans of Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Chevelle, System Of A Down, and Shinedown. I give their new album 4 thumbs up and can confidently say for a 3 piece they sound hella phat!

In this episode we sit down with a 4th member of the band, mr. cricket, who somehow also lives at my studio. We talked about who and where Manic Methed plays, spoiler alert Wick’s Pizza on Baxter Avenue! Some of their musical influences, tattoos, video games, favorite beers, and a good ole fashion, “Back in my day kids played card games!” rant!

– Band Website
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Spotify
– Amazon Music


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Why You Should Consider Listening To A Variety Of Different Music!

I probably spent way too much time on figuring out what to call this blog entry. At first I was going to title this entry as, “Why you should consider listening to a variety of different music and attend shows outside of your preferred music genre!” However that title is too long BUT that is exactly what you should be doing!!

Before I go on my little rant I want to further explain why I am writing about this topic and spoiler alert this blog entry isn’t about opening up your third eye, try meditating!

1. Have you ever had “writers block?” You know where you spend 4-6 hours trying to force yourself to come up with a banger of a track only to get burnt out and contemplate blowing your head off?

2. Have you ever found your self BORED TO DEATH (please for the love of god someone use that as a band name) listening to the music genre you love the most? Or maybe you are tired of hearing the same ole up an coming bands sound like a mini version of a well known established band. *insert stupid band name + Jr. at the end*

3. Do you ever find yourself going to the same old shows, seeing the same bands play, interacting with the same people? It gets old, it’s no longer refreshing right?

Trust me I have been there. It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone. Yeah it’s nice to run into the same people but your living in auto pilot. *hits joint* Your stuck in a fucking loop man and your going to miss out on things in life if you stick within your comfort zone!

I have to admit that I struggle with not only listening to different music genres but also struggle with venturing out and seeing bands I have never heard before. Most people think I just love to listen to metal music all day but the truth is I don’t! I’ve been keeping up with all types of metal music since I discovered Metallica/Korn/Disturbed as a young kid and now I’m to the “oh god I’m getting old” age of 25, I’m just not too impressed with that many bands these days. Thats not to say the band’s music is bad, I’m just saying if I hear something that sounds like something I have already heard before then chances are I’m not going to be into it.

Which is why it’s nice to explore new/different types of music, It keeps my mind feeling fresh!

Some odd ball bands/artist I’ve been listening to:
– Sunflower Bean
– Japanese Breakfast
– Ólafur Arnalds
– Sleep Token
– Turn Over
– Zeal & Ardor
– Phourist & The Photons (Louisville natives!)
– TheSecondSex – In A Mood
– Mogwai
– Caleborate
– Endless Heights
– Modern Error
– Galleries

“Why should I go to random shows?”
IN MY MOST HONEST SHOW GOING OBSERVATION OPINION, It is cool as fuck to see different bands and to see how their fan base interacts with their music! Also if you want to grow your fan base you may need to engage different crowds. As uneasy as it makes me some times going to shows, mainly by myself, I always find something of value. Whether it’s catchy guitar riffs, intricate singing patterns, or how the band interacts with their fans. I usually leave with a few mental notes of things to do and not to do!

The dreaded writers block!
So many musicians face this nightmare of a condition called “writers block” and I have seen so many people asking in forums, “How do you get yourself out of writer’s block!?”

My suggestions:

1. Stop listening/playing music for a few days. Go outside. Go do something un related to music so you can experience different feelings. Hell maybe go on a hike, workout, or read a book! Change up your daily routine and you might find a new source of inspiration to start writing again.

2. Listen or attend shows that are polar opposite of what genre you prefer to write. Discover new sounds, let your ear’s taste buds experience new flavors. If all you do is listen to Slayer 24/7 no wonder you are in a fucking writer’s block…

3. Co write with someone! Find someone you can bounce ideas off of. You don’t always have to be the main writer all the time. Open up a bit and let other people provide third party input, you might come up with something cool.

Overall be more opened minded when it comes to different music genres. You will enjoy life more when you can appreciate different music for what it is. Also you will easily draw inspiration from all types of music which will help you become a better song writer!

Thanks for reading! If you have any artist/bands I should check out please send me a message or a link to their music!

Do cool shit, with cool people, live a cool life – Willis

Jake Bonham of Dangerkids

Happy ‘I’mgoingtobelazyalldaytoday’ Sunday everyone! I meant to have this episode uploaded yesterday evening but totally forgot it was Thunder Over Louisville and I figured it would be best to wait more day so you all wouldn’t miss the upload! Now that Thunder is over you have no excuse not to listen, well, unless you are hung over then you get a pass.

Friday evening I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake Bonham of Dangerkids! Really talented musician/videographer but overall just a super cool dude! In fact when I saw them at Trixies with Galactic Empire I walked up to him after their set and was like, “Dude your mustache is on point!”  and he was like, “NO, your mustache is awesome!” thus making us mustache bros!

Once we got over our mustache bonding experience we were just chit chatting about stuff and I remember asking him what type of music he listens to while on tour. I was quite surprised when he said, “You know the usual stuff, Adele, Beyonce, little bit of Shania Twain, Britney Spears, and of course my favorite band Behemoth!” Ok he didn’t say all that but he did say him and the rest of his band mates listen to podcasts. Which is when I brought up about how I had my own podcast and he thought that was pretty cool!

Several months went by and I watched from a far (godbless Instagram) as he uploaded more and more videos. I was thinking, “Holy cow these videos look amazing, how does he have time to do all of this?” Instead of wondering I just simply messaged him and asked him if he would like to be interviewed on the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast.

His response:

In this interview we talked about how he started shooting videos, how Dangerkids started, what touring was like with Galactic Empire, Jake gives some tour tips, the story behind his mustache, and much much more!



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The Ego Trippers

Happy Friday everyone! I was able to work through my breaks at work and get off early, not a bad day! Now if only the match matching in Clash Royale would quit being complete garbage that would be greeeaaattt…

One thing that cheers me up, nearly instantly, is listening to The Ego Trippers!

The Ego Trippers are a 3 piece “garage rock” band from Louisville Kentucky! Made up of Zac Anderson (guitar/vocals), Izak Cirillo (Bass/vocals), and Donnie Haines (drums)! They formed early on during high school and they are still rocking out even with a hectic college schedule! you can fit them in nearly any sub genre of rock n roll but I’d like to think they are the love child of Cage The Elephant and Weezer!

I saw them the first time at Magbar and I’m not going to lie I was like, “Ok this is just some lame filler band that will play 3-4 songs and dip”. However I was quite impressed! Not only is their music catchy but they are very entertaining to watch, they definitely still have their youthful spirits in peak condition!

The second time I saw them was at Zanzabar and it was eeevveeenn better than the first time I saw them! When you have the whole crowd roaring with cheers and whistles you know your doing it right!

Once again major shout out to Daniel Cartledge for not only reaching out to them to see if they wanted to be on the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast but also thank you for being a great host and co host for the interview! It’s safe to say we all ate our weight in pizza, no regrets!

NEXT THURSDAY AT ZANZABAR!!! The Ego Trippers and Legs Akimbo are playing with The Empty Room for their album release show, which your’s truly did the full production! You should totally come out and see what all the hype is about 😉

CLICK HERE for more details!

In this interview you will hear the songs “All Night Long” and “Holidays (I Can’t Take It)” off their self titled album which you can purchase HERE! We discussed the origins of The Ego Trippers, how the recording process went down, we went on a tangent about some goofy music based movies, how the songs come about, some of their musical influences and much much more!

– Facebook
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Spotify
– Bandcamp




If mother nature could chill with all this pollen that would be great… Allergies are currently kicking my ass! How ever I was fortunate enough earlier this week to interview Colin and Kendra of VILLA MURE! Of course special thanks to my good friend Daniel Cartledge of The Empty Room for being my co host!

VILLA MURE was founded by husband/wife singer songwriter duo Colin (bass/vocals) and Kendra Lamure (guitar/vocals). Later they added Jordan Hubbard to play drums/percussion, which helped complete their sound and make them a full on band! On their Facebook page (who ever wrote all the info 10/10) they say they are a blues rock, alternative, psychedelic band. Which is a fair statement but I like to think if you are a fan of classic rock like Pink Floyd/Jimi Hendrix/Led Zepplin, then VILLA MURE should be your go to indie-rock, blues-rock, psychedelic music!

I remember seeing Kendra and Colin play as just a duo before but I had no idea who they actually were, in fact I remember Kendra playing open mic gigs as a solo artist and thinking, “holy cow she is too good to be playing at these gigs!”

Colin and Kendra are the perfect pair! Complementing each other very well when it comes to their vocal harmonies and when they are playing their respected instruments the groove is never lost. Rarely ever do you find an acoustic duo that will make you fall in love with their music, but some how I am hooked!

In this sweet and charming interview we talked about how Colin and Kendra met. We talked about how VILLA MURE started, the process of recording their debut EP Stay With Me”, a little tangent about Pokemon, the meaning behind some of the lyrics, and much much more!

– Facebook
– Instagram
– You can find their debut EP “Stay With Me” on Itunes/Spotify/Google Play/Amazon/Youtube! I highly encourage you to buy a hard copy from Kendra or Colin! Or you can buy it at Better Days Records, Guestroom Records, and Matt Anthony’s Record Shop!

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Joshua Ricley of ZIION!

Yo spring is here and mother Earth blessed us with a bunch of snow, the universe doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. However what does make sense is how dam good the band ZIION is! My friend Adam Loellke (One of the best dudes ever) told me about them and was like, “They are super good, and like waaaaayyy better than Pickwick Commons, you should have them on the podcast!” Followed by me saying, “BEYAH!!!” Followed by Adam “wow” reacting everything lmao.

No but in all seriousness if you are a fan of Fit For A King/The Plot In You/Being As An Ocean/Silent Planet then ZIION will be your new jam, or go to workout music! CLICK HERE! <<<< to hear their newest single “The Witness” 

Working this morning shift job has seriously been soul crushing and it’s only been 3 days! However I was fortunate enough to not be too tired to interview Joshua Ricley (vocals) of ZIION!

Powered by the amazing program, Skype, I chit chatted with Josh all the way from Kansas! We talked about the process of him joining ZIION, we dug into the lyrically content of their upcoming album Decay, talked about his day job for a bit, his musical influence, ZIION’s most recent tour with Pickwick Commons, a segment of us fangirling out about Earth Groans, and much much more!

– Facebook
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– Youtube
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– Instagram

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Willis’s Guide To: Genuine Marketing Strategies For Your Band!

Okay lets cut the bullshit! It’s 2018 and there are a plethora of ways to market your business. Whether you are selling a product, providing a service, or you are simply in a band and you are trying to be HGTV DIY! You are a one man wrecking crew!

Now honestly your product doesn’t have to be top of the line quality. It just has to be good enough to cast out into the pond and snag a few bites. Marketing in my opinion is about engaging people’s interest and if you are in a band you simply want them to listen to your music. Now before I get into techniques for improving your marketing approach, here is a humorous scenario!

You self recorded the songs without a click track, CRINGE, and hell there is even a washer machine going off in the background which you explain to underage chicks that it’s for “lo-fi” purposes. Your band Robotorgy is on the verge of breaking out of your local music scene without even playing any local shows because a stranger on the internet spoke to you with an angelic tongue saying, “Hey there my guy these tracks are fuego, mad props for you being the self engineer and mixer! I run a label called NoOneHasHeardOfUsRecords and we would like to offer our services in helping you guys become the next Metallica!”

Dam that is WILD! You about to blow up fam! Two years later you and your band mates sold enough pot to the trailer park community that you are able to purchase a shaggadelic tour van!

Now the next step is to spread the gospel about Robotorgy! What do you do? 
Do you:
A. Make flyers and hand them out at local shows

B. Send personalized messages to close friends and family informing them that Robotorgy is the next best thing since Dave Mustaine leaving Metallica

C. Make edgy shirts that the “cool” kids are going to wear to piss off their parents

D. Send personalized messages to fans who like the same local bands as you do asking them if they would like to listen to your music

E. Randomly friend request band dudes, even their girlfriends, and invite them to like your band page without saying hello

F. Make shitty memes

IF YOU FUCKING USE TACTICS, E AND F JUST KNOW NO ONE LIKES THAT! C can also be a risky move, typically depends on the genre of music your band plays. 

If you randomly friend request people, who you have never met before only to invite people to like your band page without attaching a personalized message, you are essentially no better than the douchelord who slides into the DMs of a chick who already has a boyfriend.

Also lets say I accept your friend request and I go check out your band page. If I don’t see a link to your music within 1 minute, NEXT! My god Facebook has made this so simple, they have a feature for band pages where you can use a video clip (with audio) in the cover photo section, FUCKING GAME CHANGER!!!

Honestly if randomly friend requesting + spam inviting people to like your band page is your method of marketing, where you are not building actual relationships with potential fans, then why the fuck are you even in a band? You want your music to connect with people right? Well you may want to attempt to actually start a conversation with someone instead of being a jack-n-the box

I’m assuming the only reason why you continually use this method is because it’s boosting the view count on your page. But is anyone really becoming a die hard fan through a random page invite? Probably not…

Now look I’m not trying to put anyone down or discourage anyone from doing this marketing method for your band. If you want to do a whole lot of work with no results then good for you buddy. However there are alternative methods of marketing that you can use that will actually get you the results you want!


1. Have a copy/paste introduction explaining why you are adding so and so.
– EX: “Hey my name is Willis and I’m the lead singer of IReallyLovePizza! I see that you are really into Fake Pecan and wanted to reach out to you because we happen to be playing with them on the day of the apocalypse! If you like those guys I think you would like our band as well! Here is a link to our demo if you want to give us a listen, thanks for reading! Hope to meet you at the show!”
– Now some people may still have their guards up but maybe go a step further and personalize it a little more for each individual person.

2. Connecting with people, finding common ground/interest, before mentioning your band
– EX: “Hey dude I believe I chatted with you at that MeatPieSlop show! You were wearing a Slayer shirt?
– *The dude responds*
– *carry the conversation about each other’s music interest* – you may find out this dude is in a band as well!
– “Hell yeah brother that’s awesome! I’m actually in a band as well, we should play a show sometime!
– *The dude will probably ask for links to your music
– *Link him the Robotorgy – ‘IRobotIsReal’ demo/ep/2 part vinyl – link band page

3. Piggyback!
– Have a local band or touring band who has a larger fan base than your fan base, give you a shout out or plug. This could come from a Facebook status, an Instagram post, etc etc. A lot easier if you are already on tour with them 😉

4. Playlists & Youtube Genre Channels
– Find Spotify playlists your band fits and get your music onto that playlist. The goal is to market indirectly in hopes a new fan will reach out to you once hearing your song! Alternative Press has a Spotify playlists for upcoming bands that they think are worth listening to!
– Also there are Youtube channels dedicated to uploading only a specific genre of music. I follow one called “Dreambound” where they upload mainly melodic post-hardcore type of stuff. Some of the music videos on that channel have hit 1mil+ views!

Notice I haven’t mentioned advertisements through Facebook or Instagram. Those are things I have only dabbled with and haven’t fully comprehend how to maximize the results. However with Facebook ads you can select an option to target your ad to an audience of another band’s page or you can add keywords. Remember the whole thing on a new CD, “For fans of: Insert more popular band names here” essentially the same idea! I would recommend going the “link and build” method, reaching out to people personally until you link up with a manger or management group that understands how to utilize social media adds!

5. Uploading Instagram stories RARELY!
– I say RARELY as in like once every two weeks. Why? Well Instagram likes to send me notifications when someone has posted a story and “Its been a while”. I haven’t pinned down the exact cycle of how long you should wait before this notification resets it’s self but when something important is coming up it may be wise to wait to upload all those cat videos to your Instagram story
– Also Hashtag (#) the hell out of things, apparently my buddies in Next Attempt did that with “#Bagels” and a few bagel shops started liking their posts. Now they may not have a Bagel sponsorship but one day with enough foot traffic to their page they could!

Give a shit. That is what it boils down to. The more effort you put into something the better results you get right? Anybody can mindlessly spam invite their friends list to like their page but that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to do things.

Does a salesman try to sell a product without a sales pitch? No
Do you ask a boy/girl for her number right away? No

Be a fucking human and build rapport with people!

Next Attempt

Hey everyone it has been a while since the last podcast episode! To be honest I’m not sure how many more of these I’m going to do, at least as far as band interviews go. There are a few more bands I’d like to feature and we have been working out the schedules but I think I’m going to retire the podcast at the end of this year. Sad news I know but I have been reflecting on life a lot lately and simply put I haven’t been giving the podcast my full attention. So if I end up doing more episodes they won’t just be band interviews it will probably be me ranting about silly things or just interviewing random friends to just talk about life.

Now that I’m done breaking my own heart lets get into todays podcast episode featuring my friends in Next Attempt!!! For fans of Pierce the Veil, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, *insert any pop punk band name here* haha.

Next Attempt is a 4 piece Pop/Punk band based out of Bullitt County, Kentucky. I have to say this is some solid pop/punk music. I remember seeing them play at Spinelli’s downtown probably back in early 2017 (I have seen them play a lot more since then) and I was in complete awe by how good they were! It’s rare to see a pop/punk band in the Louisville music scene, let alone make you want to sing along. There shows are full of energy, witty lyrics that will make you fan girl out and just really dam catchy music. If you hate on their music I just have to assume you really really hate life. However if you are ever feeling down about life the best cure would be seeing them play live, they will shock your body with joy!

Now you can fit them under the microscope of pop/punk but Hunter has shown me some of their new material and get ready for some heavy stuff! Looks like they are progressing in style, branching out into more post-hardcore type of stuff while still keeping their pop/punk roots intact. Either way I’m stoked for these guys, I have a feeling their new album is going to put them in a league of their own!

In this episode the featured song is called, “Helpless Romantics” off their debut EP “Just Between Us” which you can jam the full song on their youtube channel! CLICK HERE!
In this interview we cracked open some Miller High Life, got high on life, talked about our favorite South Park episodes, talked about the new songs, their favorite pizza joint (RIP), music videos that are in the works, Jack’s (ex bass player) meme addiction, and much much more!

– Facebook
– Youtube
– Spotify
– Instagram
– Bandcamp

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Paul Kasper – Madison Metal Fest 2018!

Alright so if you don’t know who Paul Kasper is I have to ask you, how big is the rock you live under and why is your name Patrick?!? Spongebob joke, get it!? *knee slapping intensifies*


No but seriously Paul Kasper has been booking shows in the tri-state area for quite some time! I’m sure you have been to one of his shows or you may have seen his band, You Wont Feel A Thing play before. OOOOORRR you may have stumbled across “Madison Metal Fest” and you were like, “Where the fuck is Madison?!?”

^There she is^

Paul is the mastermind behind Madison Metal Fest which is normally a one day event that brings the top heavy metal bands from the tri-state area under one roof to play sacrificial devil worshipping music!

This years 3rd annual Madison Metal Fest will be a two day event! TWICE THE BRUTALITY!! Maybe the best part, there will be a bar! Get shwifty my duuuuuddeeeesss!!! Also this section will be updated once the event page goes live with venue info/show times/ticket pricing!

Day one: March 24th (Saturday) – Madison Indiana

Day two: March 25th (Sunday) – Louisville Kentucky – Spinelli’s Downtown

Oh and just kidding about the devil worshipping music being played…..Or am I!?

Alright so lets get into the reason why your here. You want the details as far as who is playing! Spoil alert it’s not As I Lay Dying. Although if anyone wants to start a AILD cover band and hop on the bill I’m game! No but seriously this years lineup is FUCKING BONKERS! The locals are top notch and the headliners are some hard hitting heavy metal bands! No kitty pool bullshit!

Anyways I’m really proud of Paul for being perseverant! He went above and beyond to get ahold of the headliners and we should be all grateful towards Paul for organizing such an amazing event that helps show case our best local bands! Seriously this is the show to be at if you want to see what our scene is all about!

So without further a due, listen below to get the early scoop on Madison Metal Fest 2018 line up!

Gallifrey Falls

Whats up gang! Hopefully the new year is treating you okay so far! Todays post is something special. Something I wanted to do with the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast for a while now and that is to have a video interview! I have to give a huge shout out to Benjamin Barber (not his last name) for shooting the whole thing and dealing with the editing process! Despite me wearing a goofy ass suit, that doesn’t even fit, I think the video turned out stellar! A interview with Gallifrey Falls has been long over due and it was worth the wait! Hopefully this can become the new platform for the podcast!

Gallifrey Falls is currently a 4 piece metalcore band based out of Louisville Kentucky and if you haven’t heard of them then you need to check out their most recent EP called Rapture! Even better go check them out live because they absolutely crush it!

Gallifrey has a unique blend when it comes to their music. Fusing heavy deathcore like guitar riffs with electronic elements and topping off the tracks with superb metalcore cleans. I would say listening to Gallifrey Falls is like hearing a metalcore/ambient version Whitechapel, it is quite ear pleasing. If you would like to see a more in depth review of their latest EP Rapture check out my friend Eric over at 20/20 Music & Production who gave an amazing review!

Unfortunately this podcast episode will not be uploaded to Itunes or various podcast apps simply because it wasn’t a straight forward interview. In fact we did a lot of filming for this and some of the audio wasn’t even usable. However I’m truly grateful to have the guys in Gallifrey be my guinea pigs and it was a great experience!


Make sure to follow Gallifrey Falls at:

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