Polterguise is a 4 piece progressive/post-hardcore band from Lexington Ky! The band is made up of David Gillespie (vocals/guitars), Leo Crutchfield (lead guitar), the two newest members Taylor Begley (bass) and Jade Winstead (drums). Together they are bringing you an ambient/soulful sound that will help put you at ease!

Check out their debut EP Year of the Ghost!!! The episode features a clip from one of their songs called, “Hell Feels So Much More Tangible Than Heaven”

Also shout out to Cole Clark for killing the production on the EP!

I’ve known David for a good while now and I remember when Polterguise was just an acoustic act. I drove down to see my buddies in Picturesque play a label signing show and thats where I first met David. Now were just two dudes who like to bro down in the mosh pits, drink beer, and eat pizza! On a serious note it’s amazing to see how his music has evolved from just an acoustic act to a full on band. It has blossomed into something I could never imagine and I’m super excited about their future! If you are a fan of Hail The Sun or Dance Gavin Dance then they are right up your alley! Or if you like to get really baked and need some background music, check them out!

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Instagram: Polterguise

A FIRST TIME EVER ON THE PODCAST we asked some questions from the audience, PS thank you very much for submitting questions! 

In this episode me and Jordan got to chat with three of the four members of Polterguise after their show at Spinelli’s Downtown, Jade was un able to make it but we gave him a shout out!

We talked about where the band name came from, day jobs/hobbies, describing their sound, how the band formed, the Periphery show at Mercury Ballroom, how the EP Year of the Ghost came about, and much much more! #makethebootyshake #brodown #staywoke


Photo creds: Victoria Jones and Ghost Girl (group photo)

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