With Christmas right around the corner I was able to squeeze one more interview in but unfortunately my laptop decided, “I’m not going to bounce out of Pro Tools for you, fuck you man it’s the holidays.” So I was very close from Office Space’ing my computer. Luckily my homie Drew came to the rescue and bounced out part one for me and you!

THANKGODTHECHRISTMASEXTRAGANZACLUSTERFUCK is over with amiright? No but seriously happy holidays everyone, hopefully Santa brought you some cool gadgets! I got a Fitbit so I guess it’s time to start working out again and no I’m not a “New year new me” gym goer. My gift to all of you though is an two part interview with Andrew Garrett and Nick Watkins of SPECTATOR!  

Spectator is a 2 man instrumental band with a very ambient/lo-fi/rock sound so if you are a fan of Pink Floyd, early Deftones, hometown heroes Midnight Channels and Parallel Colors than this is right up your alley!

In the beginning and end of this episode you will hear a sample of a track from their upcoming EP “The Nautilus” which is 20 minutes of jamtastic grooves (Jamtastic Grooves is my future band name, back off!)

WRWpodcast EP23 – SPECTATOR – Part One:
– In part one we talk about the room were setup in, their previous band ApeShit, discussing the art of film, the meanings behind the ApeShit song titles, the recording process of The Nautilus EP, talked about bands we like, and much much more! Check out part one below and be on the look out for part two!

WRWpodcast EP23 – SPECTATOR – Part Two:
– In part two we talk about our love/hate for Korn, why whack rappers are popular, debating if people should buy music or listen for free, and discussing super hero films!



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