Willis’s Guide To: Genuine Marketing Strategies For Your Band!

Okay lets cut the bullshit! It’s 2018 and there are a plethora of ways to market your business. Whether you are selling a product, providing a service, or you are simply in a band and you are trying to be HGTV DIY! You are a one man wrecking crew!

Now honestly your product doesn’t have to be top of the line quality. It just has to be good enough to cast out into the pond and snag a few bites. Marketing in my opinion is about engaging people’s interest and if you are in a band you simply want them to listen to your music. Now before I get into techniques for improving your marketing approach, here is a humorous scenario!

You self recorded the songs without a click track, CRINGE, and hell there is even a washer machine going off in the background which you explain to underage chicks that it’s for “lo-fi” purposes. Your band Robotorgy is on the verge of breaking out of your local music scene without even playing any local shows because a stranger on the internet spoke to you with an angelic tongue saying, “Hey there my guy these tracks are fuego, mad props for you being the self engineer and mixer! I run a label called NoOneHasHeardOfUsRecords and we would like to offer our services in helping you guys become the next Metallica!”

Dam that is WILD! You about to blow up fam! Two years later you and your band mates sold enough pot to the trailer park community that you are able to purchase a shaggadelic tour van!

Now the next step is to spread the gospel about Robotorgy! What do you do? 
Do you:
A. Make flyers and hand them out at local shows

B. Send personalized messages to close friends and family informing them that Robotorgy is the next best thing since Dave Mustaine leaving Metallica

C. Make edgy shirts that the “cool” kids are going to wear to piss off their parents

D. Send personalized messages to fans who like the same local bands as you do asking them if they would like to listen to your music

E. Randomly friend request band dudes, even their girlfriends, and invite them to like your band page without saying hello

F. Make shitty memes

IF YOU FUCKING USE TACTICS, E AND F JUST KNOW NO ONE LIKES THAT! C can also be a risky move, typically depends on the genre of music your band plays. 

If you randomly friend request people, who you have never met before only to invite people to like your band page without attaching a personalized message, you are essentially no better than the douchelord who slides into the DMs of a chick who already has a boyfriend.

Also lets say I accept your friend request and I go check out your band page. If I don’t see a link to your music within 1 minute, NEXT! My god Facebook has made this so simple, they have a feature for band pages where you can use a video clip (with audio) in the cover photo section, FUCKING GAME CHANGER!!!

Honestly if randomly friend requesting + spam inviting people to like your band page is your method of marketing, where you are not building actual relationships with potential fans, then why the fuck are you even in a band? You want your music to connect with people right? Well you may want to attempt to actually start a conversation with someone instead of being a jack-n-the box

I’m assuming the only reason why you continually use this method is because it’s boosting the view count on your page. But is anyone really becoming a die hard fan through a random page invite? Probably not…

Now look I’m not trying to put anyone down or discourage anyone from doing this marketing method for your band. If you want to do a whole lot of work with no results then good for you buddy. However there are alternative methods of marketing that you can use that will actually get you the results you want!


1. Have a copy/paste introduction explaining why you are adding so and so.
– EX: “Hey my name is Willis and I’m the lead singer of IReallyLovePizza! I see that you are really into Fake Pecan and wanted to reach out to you because we happen to be playing with them on the day of the apocalypse! If you like those guys I think you would like our band as well! Here is a link to our demo if you want to give us a listen, thanks for reading! Hope to meet you at the show!”
– Now some people may still have their guards up but maybe go a step further and personalize it a little more for each individual person.

2. Connecting with people, finding common ground/interest, before mentioning your band
– EX: “Hey dude I believe I chatted with you at that MeatPieSlop show! You were wearing a Slayer shirt?
– *The dude responds*
– *carry the conversation about each other’s music interest* – you may find out this dude is in a band as well!
– “Hell yeah brother that’s awesome! I’m actually in a band as well, we should play a show sometime!
– *The dude will probably ask for links to your music
– *Link him the Robotorgy – ‘IRobotIsReal’ demo/ep/2 part vinyl – link band page

3. Piggyback!
– Have a local band or touring band who has a larger fan base than your fan base, give you a shout out or plug. This could come from a Facebook status, an Instagram post, etc etc. A lot easier if you are already on tour with them 😉

4. Playlists & Youtube Genre Channels
– Find Spotify playlists your band fits and get your music onto that playlist. The goal is to market indirectly in hopes a new fan will reach out to you once hearing your song! Alternative Press has a Spotify playlists for upcoming bands that they think are worth listening to!
– Also there are Youtube channels dedicated to uploading only a specific genre of music. I follow one called “Dreambound” where they upload mainly melodic post-hardcore type of stuff. Some of the music videos on that channel have hit 1mil+ views!

Notice I haven’t mentioned advertisements through Facebook or Instagram. Those are things I have only dabbled with and haven’t fully comprehend how to maximize the results. However with Facebook ads you can select an option to target your ad to an audience of another band’s page or you can add keywords. Remember the whole thing on a new CD, “For fans of: Insert more popular band names here” essentially the same idea! I would recommend going the “link and build” method, reaching out to people personally until you link up with a manger or management group that understands how to utilize social media adds!

5. Uploading Instagram stories RARELY!
– I say RARELY as in like once every two weeks. Why? Well Instagram likes to send me notifications when someone has posted a story and “Its been a while”. I haven’t pinned down the exact cycle of how long you should wait before this notification resets it’s self but when something important is coming up it may be wise to wait to upload all those cat videos to your Instagram story
– Also Hashtag (#) the hell out of things, apparently my buddies in Next Attempt did that with “#Bagels” and a few bagel shops started liking their posts. Now they may not have a Bagel sponsorship but one day with enough foot traffic to their page they could!

Give a shit. That is what it boils down to. The more effort you put into something the better results you get right? Anybody can mindlessly spam invite their friends list to like their page but that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to do things.

Does a salesman try to sell a product without a sales pitch? No
Do you ask a boy/girl for her number right away? No

Be a fucking human and build rapport with people!