Gallifrey Falls

Whats up gang! Hopefully the new year is treating you okay so far! Todays post is something special. Something I wanted to do with the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast for a while now and that is to have a video interview! I have to give a huge shout out to Benjamin Barber (not his last name) for shooting the whole thing and dealing with the editing process! Despite me wearing a goofy ass suit, that doesn’t even fit, I think the video turned out stellar! A interview with Gallifrey Falls has been long over due and it was worth the wait! Hopefully this can become the new platform for the podcast!

Gallifrey Falls is currently a 4 piece metalcore band based out of Louisville Kentucky and if you haven’t heard of them then you need to check out their most recent EP called Rapture! Even better go check them out live because they absolutely crush it!

Gallifrey has a unique blend when it comes to their music. Fusing heavy deathcore like guitar riffs with electronic elements and topping off the tracks with superb metalcore cleans. I would say listening to Gallifrey Falls is like hearing a metalcore/ambient version Whitechapel, it is quite ear pleasing. If you would like to see a more in depth review of their latest EP Rapture check out my friend Eric over at 20/20 Music & Production who gave an amazing review!

Unfortunately this podcast episode will not be uploaded to Itunes or various podcast apps simply because it wasn’t a straight forward interview. In fact we did a lot of filming for this and some of the audio wasn’t even usable. However I’m truly grateful to have the guys in Gallifrey be my guinea pigs and it was a great experience!


Make sure to follow Gallifrey Falls at:

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My Top 5 Albums Of 2017

A new year is upon us! This is the time to reflect on what you have accomplished in 2017 and this is the time to set your goals for 2018!

*Insert inspiring quote here*

To be honest I didn’t hit all of my goals for this year however I made big strides in my audio career!

From working part time at Broken Crow Studios, losing my job at UPS (which needed to happen in order for me to pursue certain endeavors), started working part time at Manchester Music Hall, making a shit load of friends that are involved in the music scene and I’ve been recording/mixing a full album for The Empty Room!


This year has been quite eventful and I’m excited to take things to the next level. Super Saiyan 4 to be exact

So it’s the end of 2017 and as always people are coming out with their top albums of the year lists. So I decided to record myself, talking to myself, about My Top 5 Albums Of 2017!


Era of Machines

Whats going on everyone!? I should have plenty of podcast episodes coming to you this month, so Merry Christmas! Fun fact I have to do Christmas shopping still, should I even bother at this point? I know I was inactive last month but I promise I will make up for it! Starting off December with a interview with the guys in Era of Machines! A 5 piece prog metal band (Currently a 4 piece) from Louisville, Ky that makes 4/4 standard music listener’s heads explode!

I’m pretty sure I have seen these guys live, well I know for a fact I have seen two of the members play in another local band. If you are a fan of Animals As Leaders or Periphery then they are the band for you! In this episode you will hear a snippet from their recent demo titled, “Echoes”. The song features fast, intricate drum patterns that break the time barrier, and ambient guitar melodies accompanied by crushing bass lines! The song has tremendous potential to be stellar and I hope they find a vocalists that will remain permanent! 


In this episode we discuss where the name “Era of Machines” comes from,  How the band started, what type of music they are into, trying to stop the government from breaking the internet, shedding a few tears for the music venues that are no longer around, recommended shows to watch on Netflix, and much much more!

– Facebook
– Website
– Era of Machines – Echoes (Full Demo)

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Sun Dogs

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here, the rain is over, now take it easy and listen to the latest Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast episode with my good friends from Sun Dogs!

This episode is a little different than the previous episodes. It’s more of a jam session with a few questions but it’s nice being able to mix it up! If I would of known ahead of time that they would be playing a few songs I would of brought a whole arsenal of microphones to help make it sound better. How ever I used my trusty MXL990 mic and surprisingly it doesn’t sound like a potato!

Sun Dogs are a 4 piece rock group based out of Louisville Ky. They are super low key great so get in on the ground floor and invest your money into their band! No just kidding, they have been around for a while now and their sound is for those who crave good ‘ol fashion rock n roll!
I met these guys back in 2016 when a friend of mine, Kelly Scott Franklin (which I hope to have on the podcast soon!) told me he had some buddies in a band called Sun Dogs looking to record a few songs. Its an amazing feeling to have someone recommend you to other people so of course I was excited to record them! I’m not going to lie I was a bit worried about the whole thing since I didn’t have a studio space, I had a feeling not having a “studio” was going to make them look else where.
However Kelly let me use his basement to set up shop and now I’m forever in his debt! We ended up recording three songs and one of the songs aired on the Crescent Hill Radio!
Fangirl scream
So a year later we decided to set up shop once again, this time in someone else basement for a impromptu jam session and to chit chat about life! In this episode we talk about where the name “Sun Dogs” originated from, what we were doing when we were 19 years old, charities they would play for, The time they played 30 songs at a field party, debating if people who save trees use toilet paper, and much much more!

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Xavi & Nov

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the upload delay last week! I was on vacation but now I’m back bringing you more podcasts to listen to and I’m contemplating on why the hell I came back haha. This weeks episode features two of my good friends Xavi & Nov who are bring some fire to the Louisville’s rap scene!

I’ve known these two since middle school and high school, RIP Myers Middle School. I always knew Xavi to be the “rapper” but Nov got inspired and hopped on the mic. We grew up playing YMCA basketball but they picked up the mic and now they run an outfit called La Familia! So it only makes since to throw on the “LF” hats and talk about what they got going on!

This podcast is split into two parts. Part one features Xavi’s song “Audible Drugs” which you download off his latest mixtape: HERE!!! In this episode we talked about Xavi possibly switching his rap name to “Twenty8oh5”, turning me into the next Lil Yachty (YAH YAH YAH), musical influences, what inspired them to pursue rap/hip-hop, the story of Audible Drugs being played in Russia, and much much more!



Make sure to follow Xavi & Nov on all forms of social media:
Nov’s Soundcloud
Nov’s Instagram
Nov’s Twitter

Xavi’s Website
Xavi’s Instagram
Xavi’s Twitter
Xavi’s Soundcloud
Xavi’s Latest Mixtape

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Sean Smith

Happy Friday everyone! Once again stay inside and binge listen to podcasts all day! Here is a brand new episode with our good friend Sean Smith! Sean is a fellow podcaster with an wicked amazing radio personality. Sean has been kicking ass and taking names over at Sean Vs Wild! 31 episodes into the podcast with no plans of stopping, he’s talking with local musician/bands, touring musicians, people who work in the music industry, and even cosplayers! He was also nice enough to hook us up with some shirts, seriously they are super duper comfy!

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We invited Sean over to discuss why he started his own podcast, his upbringing with music, tour life with Uh Huh Baby Yeah, discuss some of our favorite movies and much much more! We honestly could of talked forever but for the sake of getting some sleep we had to call it quits. This will be a two part episode so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion of Sean Smith VS Willis&Jordan.



Make sure to follow Sean and his podcast on all social media outlets/podcast apps!

Sean VS Wild
Google Play
Instagram – @SeanVsWildPodcast

Twitter – @SeanVsWild
Tune In


Anthony Tran

Whats going on everyone? Enjoying the summer heat and festives? Yeah me neither. How about we all stay inside and listen to the latests Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast episode!!! This is episode 13! I’m joined by my trusty side kick Jordan “Black Panther” Smith and special guest Anthony Tran!

Anthony is hands down one of the best photographers in Louisville, Ky. He won’t admit to being anything special but he has some of the best live shots I have ever seen!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out his website >>>>> <<<<<

Anthony has taken photos for a lot of well known bands such as Panic At The Disco, Soundgarden, Pierce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, Sum 41, and Bring Me The Horizon just to name a few. The list of artist he has taken photos of seems endless but for him it’s no where near full.

In this episode we discuss how he got into photography, some of the artist he has taken photos for, his top five people he would like to take photos for, music taste, his advice for people wanting to get into photography and much much more!


Happy Friday everyone!!! Let me tell you, its going to be a busy month from here on out. I got more logo coffee mugs coming in for sale, have a new band hopping on the podcast, AND have one band returning for round two! So a lot of good stuff to coming your way! Oh and if you don’t know there is a Facebook group called WRWpodcast’s Swiggity Swooty Club, this is a place where you can interact with guests on the podcast, get the early scoop on upcoming podcast episodes, and this is where I will be taking questions/topics for future episodes! If you want to be apart of Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast then join in and hang!

Alright so now what you all have been waiting for! This is the 11th episode of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast! This will be another two part podcast episode and this will be a NSFW episode, I repeat, NSFW! In this episode we interviewed my good friends Jordan Duffy and Jordan Keiffer from Double DC Podcast! Which I have been featured on. Its hilarious, entertaining and unfiltered, so I highly recommend you check out their podcast if you want a good laugh!

CLICK HERE to listen to their podcast

I met these two back when they played in my buddies ska/punk band, Godless Gods (RIP) and they are a dynamic duo, especially after a few beers! We got a chance to catch up, talk about their future playing music, practicing our New England accents, nostalgic cartoon shows, terrible Craiglist adds, Chinese ice cream, Kieffer explaining “hot wifing”, and much more! Check out part 1 below:

Part 2 below: More shenanigans, opera singing, and a game of FMK!


What’s going on everyone! Me and Jordan both have birthdays this week so come crack open some cold ones with us! PS I’m addicted to those memes, sorry in advance.

Anyways me and Jordan decided to take the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast on the road and head down south to Bowling Green Ky to interview the fine gentlemen in AluxesWhich I will say they have the coolest band practice space ever! Also this was a pretty lengthy episode so I decided to split this one into TWO parts.

Aluxes is a 5 piece post hardcore, indie, experimental, rock, jazz infused solar beam hadouken blast wave sound before sound was a sound band! Ok that last one is not a genre of music but collectively they all agree that they take a lot of inspiration/influence from multiple genres of music. Which makes them vastly unique! The band line up is as followed, Kohl Arnett (Vocals/Keys), Jack Dickerson (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Rickard (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Lutz (Drums), and Mark Taylor (Bass/Vocals).

If you still have no idea what they sound like then check out their music video for their song Marble Hornets! <click

Make sure to follow them on all forms of social media!



Twitter @WeAreAluxes

Part 1: We asked all of the fan submitted questions! Thank you very much to everyone who submitted a question! Topics include, how to pronounce Aluxes, where the name comes from, musical influences, how the band members met, which venues they would like to play, the sound that Jack makes and the awful story of how I grew up too fast.

Part 2: We talked about what other genres they could play, the recording process of their songs, stories about past shows/fans, which bands/artist dead or alive they would play with, and the story of Jack getting hit by a train (true story!)


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Polterguise is a 4 piece progressive/post-hardcore band from Lexington Ky! The band is made up of David Gillespie (vocals/guitars), Leo Crutchfield (lead guitar), the two newest members Taylor Begley (bass) and Jade Winstead (drums). Together they are bringing you an ambient/soulful sound that will help put you at ease!

Check out their debut EP Year of the Ghost!!! The episode features a clip from one of their songs called, “Hell Feels So Much More Tangible Than Heaven”

Also shout out to Cole Clark for killing the production on the EP!

I’ve known David for a good while now and I remember when Polterguise was just an acoustic act. I drove down to see my buddies in Picturesque play a label signing show and thats where I first met David. Now were just two dudes who like to bro down in the mosh pits, drink beer, and eat pizza! On a serious note it’s amazing to see how his music has evolved from just an acoustic act to a full on band. It has blossomed into something I could never imagine and I’m super excited about their future! If you are a fan of Hail The Sun or Dance Gavin Dance then they are right up your alley! Or if you like to get really baked and need some background music, check them out!

Make sure to follow them on all forms of social media:



Instagram: Polterguise

A FIRST TIME EVER ON THE PODCAST we asked some questions from the audience, PS thank you very much for submitting questions! 

In this episode me and Jordan got to chat with three of the four members of Polterguise after their show at Spinelli’s Downtown, Jade was un able to make it but we gave him a shout out!

We talked about where the band name came from, day jobs/hobbies, describing their sound, how the band formed, the Periphery show at Mercury Ballroom, how the EP Year of the Ghost came about, and much much more! #makethebootyshake #brodown #staywoke


Photo creds: Victoria Jones and Ghost Girl (group photo)

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