The Mobile Recording Studio

Mobile Recording Studio

Not only am I the host of Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast but I am also a audio recording engineer and mixer!

To be honest that is just a more professional way of saying, “I like hanging out with musicians and recording their music!”

By now you may have heard I have a studio space, which is true, however it is still in the process of being further sound proofed. For the time being I can’t utilize the space to its full potential nor do I want to piss off my neighbors, even more!

So recently I have been packing up my equipment and recording bands in their living rooms, in basements, heck even in tiny/cramped practice spaces. Sure it’s not ideal, I’d much prefer to be working out of a fully decked out music studio, one such as Broken Crow Studios (Lex, Ky) but I live in Louisville, and this is home.

At first I thought recording in this “on the go” setup would be a disaster but I soon discovered the environment in which you record can become the “studio”.

Majority of the pressure is on me to mic the source/instrument the best way I know how and to position players in the best spot to help counter imperfect room acoustics.

Over all having the vibe of recording in a familiar space makes a world of a difference! There isn’t that weird “pro studio” pressure where it feels like work. Instead it’s like were hanging out, having fun making music, and eating lots of pizza!

That is why I want to continue on recording this way! It’s such a unique and intimate way of recording and the cherry on top is I come to you! No lugging around your drum set or figuring out how the hell do I get to your studio!?

I’m not asking for much other than a chance to do what I love doing! If you know anyone who might interested in recording this way please share this with them or tell them to message me on Facebook!